Welcome Blog!

Hey hey everybody and welcome to In Rowell Life. It's pretty quiet around here...for now. In the coming weeks, this site will be flooded with videos, blogs, vlogs, podcasts and more.

Avengers: Endgame is upon us in just a few weeks, so we're going to be counting it down in the month of April on Marvel Mondays.

Star Wars Wednesday will feature speculation and conversation about the franchise's past, and upcoming projects.

Health Fails, and book reviews are going to be Joanna's cornerstone segments, and she's anxiously waiting to dive into those headfirst.

Plus we'll have pictures, reviews, and stories from our back to back birthday weekend celebration!

We have a vision and a plan, and we are just over the moon with excitement to see that vision come to life. Thank you all for the support that got us this far, and thank you for all the support we hope you'll give us going forward. Let's have some fun!

Love, John & Joanna

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